Path Survey on Løperholmen (04/09/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Hvaler
Distance: 7.08 km
Time: 149:30
Spoiler Alert: There is just a single path on this island. :-)

Today the conditions were perfect in order to make an expedition to check out this 2 km long island in the sound between Asmaløy and Kirkøy: Most of the summer cabins are empty but the ocean water is still warm enough (15 C?) that we could put on swim wear and wade over the chest-deep sound from the NE end of Asmaløy while I carried a backpack with all our dry gear above my head.

The forest was surprisingly nice, pretty much everything except the darkest green from the automatic vegetation classification is in fact virgin white forest, and as the 1m contours show, there's a lot of intricate detail.

The most interesting part occurred on the south-east side when we tried to find a way past the (computer-classified) cliffs. This turned out to be a classic Hvaler "Klove", i.e. two parallel cliffs with a 5-15 m deep gap between them, so we had to walk NW around the entire area. The last 80 m was actually inside the gully, at this point it was a little over a meter wide and 3-4 m deep.

South of this we found the only path, this has obviously been made by the owners of the cabins on the west side as a way to access the very nice sandy beach on the SE side!

The slabs on the south end seemed quite nice, but almost all access must be by some kind of boat, otherwise the most significant feature was a big new cell phone tower near the power line junction: Since there was no access road both the tower and the transmitter shed must have been lifted in with a helicopter!
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Path Survey on Løperholmen (04/09/2016) Path Survey on Løperholmen (04/09/2016)