KM Langdistanse H50 Østfold (03/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sprinkelet
Organiser: Fredrikstad
Distance: 7.88 km
Time: 54:08
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 174
I ran this event instead of the Oslo/Akershus County championship, mostly due to the difference in terrain and course setter. I also got the second longest course I've had all year.

1: Missed a few seconds on the wrong path just out of the start, otherwise exactly as planned. Third best split time but well over a minute behind local fast guy Per Olaussen who won the championship by over 7(!) minutes.

2: Lost two minutes here without making any mistakes. According to Tom A Karlsen, the course setter, the best route was almost totally straight with very little elevation change and mostly good runnability.

3: 2.5 minutes behind Per and a minute slower than the people close to me on the final result list: I don't know what I did wrong here, except that I could have taken the first indistinct path SE over the slabs and then cut over 150 m later, but the difference here must have been quite small. It is also possible that running straight over the middle knoll was faster than my loop around? The real conclusion is probably that I walked too much uphill leaving #2 and simply ran too slowly on the paths and roads.

4: OK except that I hit the wrong angle in the cliff, had to turn around and go uphill 15-20 m and lost about 20 seconds. At this point I was in 6th place but then I managed to push a bit harder.

5: According to Tom A it is possible to run flat along the slabs here but I decided to play it safe and ran as fast as I managed up and down the hillside, mostly just following the marked path. The final control access was very safe with the double cliffs showing the direction down the hillside.

6: On this leg I walked in many places, I think I found the optimal route but I didn't spot the control initially and made a 15 s wobble inside the control circle.

7: Very similar to #6, good control all the way but I missed seeing the control initially and lost another 15 s.

8: Good route and OK cliff passage gave me the second best split here.

The final result was a 3rd place, 54 seconds behind Tore Bjørnerød and 8:33 behind Per who had one of the highest speeds of the day except for the H21 class.
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KM Langdistanse H50 Østfold (03/09/2016) KM Langdistanse H50 Østfold (03/09/2016)