OBIK P23 / NMK 6 (01/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Solemskogen
Organiser: Lillomarka
Distance: 5.58 km
Time: 46:48
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 166
The longest course tempted me today since it had a very log leg (9-10) which was similar to one I ran during the Night Hawk relay a few weeks ago.

1: Bad start, ran along an unmapped path which I thought was the ride leading to the control, lost 30 sec?

2: Tried to find a good way down the hillside and ended up staying inside the green instead of hitting the path. Another 30 sec?

3-4-5: Good direction towards flags that turned up where and when I expected them.

6: The opening in the vegetation lead me slightly too far left in the beginning then I failed to adjust and made a 15 sec mistake.

7: Started OK, but when I started contouring instead of using my compass I was 5 m lower than I believed so I ended up going off course. Up the final hill I couldn't make the contours match up with the terrain so I ended up going over the top and via the yellow spot.

8: OK

9: OK except for a small detour around some dark green stuff at the end.

10: Very long & tough but OK plan and execution, except that I had to walk more than half the final 70 m tall hillside. The main alternative, taking the path over the top of the hills would have given me almost 50 m extra climb going up & down along the ridge.

11: Very good, I was happy when I hit the boulder perfectly going through vegetation which seemed even denser than shown on the map.

12: OK

My final time corresponds to almost exactly 10 min/km, i.e. the same as yesterday, but today I did far more mistakes. Some of them might have been caused by fatigue, my heart rate never approached the level I had down in Strömstad.
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OBIK P23 / NMK 6 (01/09/2016) OBIK P23 / NMK 6 (01/09/2016)