Kjentmannspost 50 (30/08/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Nordre Spro Gruver Nesodden
Distance: 56.01 km
Time: 302:10
Average HR: 101
Maximum HR: 156
MTB trip to permanent control #50, located at Nordre Spro quarry:

Bike from home to Lysaker ferry terminal, 4.5 km on the fast boat to Nesodden, then 19km along the east side of the peninsula and across near Fjell, including a passage through a rock quarry and some logging tracks.

At the Spro harbor we met the last two people in our group and made the short hike past the open quarries and to the fixed control marker by the mine shaft opening. (The inset map shows the details in this area!)

We had a long break by the fjord here, including a nice swim in the ocean which is definitely starting to get colder now.

The mine itself is quite amazing, with a 30-50 m flat tunnel into the main excavation area where they removed so much rock that the ceiling above the central part subsequently fell in. This accident means that there is daylight into the cathedral-like main chamber.

We left the area using a secondary, partly incomplete, tunnel: The final part leading out of the mountain is too narrow to carry a backpack but it it is still possible to get out without crawling.

Afterwards we had a 15.2 km ride straight back to the Nesoddtangen terminal, we all made the 21:00 boat (the last of us had only 25 s margin) which took us back to downtown Oslo.

The fast boat took just 11 minutes to cover the the 6.2 km distance.

From that point most of the group used public transport to get back home (the ferry ticket includes free transfer within Oslo) but since I have an almost flat 7 km route to where I live I just rode my bike all the way.

Total: 56 km in 5 hours; 10.7 km on the boats, just about a marathon (42+ km) biking and the remainder on foot.
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Kjentmannspost 50 (30/08/2016) Kjentmannspost 50 (30/08/2016)