ROC6 H55 (28/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tanum
Distance: 5.47 km
Time: 40:47
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 173
I had to concentrate on my orienteering today after the disastrous run yesterday, this meant that my running speed was a little bit slower but I pretty much avoided any mistakes:

1: Contours and compass direction from the road bend.

2: Looked for the most runnable slabs while aiming for the opening to the left of the double cliffs, from there the control was easy.

3: The marshes were extremely wet, I almost got stuck in the first. From the big power line bend I read all the small details in order to locate the correct cliff.

4: I ran this leg as planned, but afterwards I've seen that I could have stayed close to the line to the power line, then found an indistinct path down the hillside instead of running along the green valley. Since I started absolutely first, 3 minutes before the next runner, there were no tracks down there.

5: Pure running to the path junction then very careful orienteering down the hillside to a flag that was almost hidden in the grass.

6: Lazy course setting, I just had to find the opening between the cliffs then follow the path almost to the control.

7: A bit more orienteering than the previous control.

8: Aimed from the path junction, hit it perfectly.

9-Finish: Just running...
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ROC6 H55 (28/08/2016) ROC6 H55 (28/08/2016)