ROC5 H55 (27/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Strömstad
Distance: 6.8 km
Time: 54:25
Average HR: 166
Maximum HR: 177
3 big mistakes and a smaller wobble:

1: Good flow

2: First disaster: I had full control when I passed the boulder at the end of the cliff just after passing the big track but then I veered off course (too far south) and when I hit the cliffs my map seemed to show that there should be a passable cliff down to the valley but I never spotted a possibility so in the end I actually climbed down about 8m in a big spruce tree, getting a lot of abrasions on my chest, arms and legs. This mistake cost me at least two minutes. :-(

From the valley I ran well and and had full control all the way into the control.

3: I aimed left to avoid the cliffs, got up where I wanted and used the compass course I had taken out at the start of the leg. I believe must have rolled my compass against a rock or tree when I passed the valley! I was fortunate to hit the path north of #4 which allowed me to recover but I lost at least two more minutes.

4-5: OK

6: OK until the very end when I tried to read the contours into the flag, I should have realized that when I didn't see the boulder I had to be to far south. Lost about 45 sec? (Still no split times available!)

7: OK start but I messed up in the last part: I should have taken straight down to the open yellow when I got to the end of the green. I had planned to take the path around left and then cross the creek more easily but when the path started climbing I changed my mind, and ended up with an even worse alternative. I'm guessing another minute lost here.
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ROC5 H55 (27/08/2016) ROC5 H55 (27/08/2016)