OBIK Åpent Bedrifts-KM H55 (23/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Årnes
Organiser: Telenor
Distance: 3.76 km
Time: 31:39
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 169
Local competition on a brand new map, the corporate series championship: Pretty good race, I won every split and was almost 6 minutes in front of nr two in my class and course.

1: The obvious path over the top carried significant extra climb while my route had no extra climb as well as a very solid attack point.

2: A lot of climb here!

3: The main problem was the climb up through the green stuff, it might have been better to aim slightly more to the left but I ran pretty much exactly as planned.

4: I started out in a slightly wrong direction because I was orienteering from #4 to #5 after refolding my map. I discovered this mistake when I rounded the first marsh so I could correct without losing any time.

5: Easy

6: Aimed right to minimize the amount of slash from logging, very easy approach to the flag.

7: Started out with a curve in order to avoid some vegetation and logging residue.

8: Hit the indistinct path after 1/3, then direction running to the open area. This area continued down across the part shown as yellow raster + green stripes so for a moment I though I was too high up but then I spotted the distinct contour formation with some rocks below it which told me that I was on course.

9: Compass from the path junction.
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OBIK Åpent Bedrifts-KM H55 (23/08/2016) OBIK Åpent Bedrifts-KM H55 (23/08/2016)