ROC2 H55 (21/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Strömstad
Distance: 4.37 km
Time: 26:27
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 180
My best running shape in three years, at least according to my heart rate measurements: Except for the first leg I maintained an average heart rate of 170+ which is comparable to the level I had 3-5 years ago.

1: I lost 20 seconds due to hesitation when I hit a control 50 m before my own: The detail is shown as a knoll in a yellow area but there was an obvious wet and vegetated patch around the flag so I was sure it had to be a marsh, and my control was the only marsh shown. I realized that it had to be too early so I continued and found my own control OK.

2: Very good until the end when I tried to avoid a small vegetation patch not shown on the map and ended up a little bit too far east, lost maybe 10 s?

3: OK.
4: OK
5: OK

6: Lost about 45-50 seconds when I decided to attack from the left side and hit a line of small unmapped cliffs that lead me too far south. Going right and over the top of the knoll would have been better but I was afraid that I would then easily pass above the control.

7: OK, a tiny hesitation into the control.

8: I considered going straight but was afraid of the elevation and green. My route turned out be fairly bad along the fence so I probably lost a few seconds.

9: Transport

10: OK, could have followed the road a bit longer,. A friend told me afterwards that there was an elephant trail into the control from that direction.

11: Hard to read the 1:10K map here, I hesitated in the final green patch before turning left to the control. 5-10 s?

12-13-14-Finish: OK, averaged 177 bpm so I definitely couldn't have run any faster!

Total time loss was nearly 1.5 minutes, that's too much. :-(

EDIT: It wasn't too much: I won the race by just 7 seconds, leading from #3 to the finish. :-)
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ROC2 H55 (21/08/2016) ROC2 H55 (21/08/2016)