OBIK P19 / NMK 4 (18/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Grindbakken
Organiser: Heming
Distance: 5.04 km
Time: 43:41
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 174
Very good start, I won every split time to the first 7 controls, then I decided to get a bit fancy towards #8, ran straight on smaller paths and was led badly astray by a few unmapped ones.

I recovered partly and got into the control circle and just 15-20 m from the flag but when I got to the white forest here it was very open, so open that I was sure it had to be the yellow area above and proceeded to drop about 2:45 here which was enough to lose the lead in the race.

After winning the next two splits I was back in the lead, just 1 second in front of my old friend Kjell Markset. (We grew up in the same town and have competed since we were 13-14 years old.)

At this point I managed to orienteer from 11 to 12 instead of 10 to 11, contouring along the hillside while looking for the power line. When that never turned up I realized what I had done and found the control easily, but the mistake cost me another 45 seconds or so.

Controls 12 to 14 went OK then #15 was located a bit too far south so I stopped too early, dropping half a minute to the best split.

I ran too much zig-zag to #16 and then I was outsprinted to the last control and the finish but I still won the course half a minute in front of Kjell.
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OBIK P19 / NMK 4 (18/08/2016) OBIK P19 / NMK 4 (18/08/2016)