OBIK P18 (16/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Badedammen
Distance: 4.42 km
Time: 34:43
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 165
Safe running, no mistakes?

After Night Hawk, Heikampen and Nordmarka on MTB over the last few days I felt quite tired even before starting today so I intentionally ran a bit slower than usual, concentrating on good orienteering:

1: Good flow

2: I considered going straight along the fence and over the knolls but decided to take the safe option which would also save some energy.

3: OK

4: I considered going left, via control #6 and along the top of the ridge but even with the currently wet marshes that seems to be both slower and more complicated than the route to the right.

5: The only problem here was the rocky slope beneath the cliff.

6: I could have gone straight and down to the road but by taking the path down it was much easier to hit the second path going up the hill.

7: Good.

8: Perfect except for a couple of seconds lost inside the control pit when I didn't see the flag.

9: Another safe route choice: Going straight might have been a few seconds faster, but only if you found a nice line along the marshes and cliffs.

10: The plan was to take the left road but some slash and windfall forced me too far south so when I hit the road I realized that it would be faster to run down and via the finish area.
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OBIK P18 (16/08/2016) OBIK P18 (16/08/2016)