Green course (24/04/2010)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sunol
Organiser: Bay Area O Club
Distance: 6.83 km
Time: 63:01
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 171
Here's a tip: Do not try to run hilly orienteering courses the day after crossing 9 time zones. (The terrain is so steep that the contour interval is 7.5m!) :-(

OK to the 1st, 2nd and nearly to the 3rd, but when I couldn't see the little cliff-face, I started searching for the control flag down the hill and lost about 3 minutes.

Halfway to the 4th I met a large group of cattle near the pond, including a young bull that had decided to block the dirt road, standing sidewise across it. I remembered the course setter's notes about calming them by singing, so I walked around while trying to sing an old Norwegian song. The bull didn't move at all, so I guess it worked?

The 5th control was just horrible: Dead simple and so steep that I was walking quite slowly both up- and down-hill instead of running. I have looked at doing a big traversal around the top of the hill to the right, but it seems like it would be just too far?

My routes to the 6h and 7th were probably optimal, to the 8th I decided to simplify the control and avoid some climb by taking the path around the hillside to the left. In normal running shape the direct course would have been faster.

9 and 10 were OK, on 11 I climbed out of the last gully a bit too far to the left, then spent about a minute, first going further left, then right again on the upper path before I discovered the fallen tree was actually almost on top of the lower path.

Coming down to 12 I made a slight left curve to avoid another group of cattle, but that probably didn't take any significant extra time. The control tree was really obvious from a long way up the hill so there was no orienteering challenge here.
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Green course (24/04/2010)