Kjentmannspost 16 og 18 (15/08/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Nordmarka
Distance: 42.39 km
Time: 273:22
Average HR: 105
Maximum HR: 149
Another very nice evening bike ride/foot hike with friends!

We started at 17:00 from the Elveli parking in Sørkedalen then rode our MTBs north along Langli lake & valley to lake Kringla, then north-east to the closest approach to the east end of Bleiksjøen where one of the fixed controls is located.

15 minutes was needed to visit and document this location then the bike ride continued up to the closest approach to the other control, where we first stopped at a beautiful location near the south end of a lake (most of us used the opportunity to take a little swim here and got rid of the sweat from the long (nearly 2 hours) uphill ride to this point.

Including a late dinner/snack and the visit to the fixed control we spent about 1.5 hours in this area before the hour-long ride back to the parking: With lots of rocky trails in the middle part and loose gravel on the remaining logging roads it was simply too scary to go full speed down the hills!
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Kjentmannspost 16 og 18 (15/08/2016) Kjentmannspost 16 og 18 (15/08/2016)