Night Hawk Veteran 3rd leg (12/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Linderudkollen
Organiser: Lillomarka
Distance: 10.48 km
Time: 90:57
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 176
Long, wet & foggy but still quite fun. :-)

I had pretty good control on the first small 5-control forked loop, then I saved a bit of power by going around the hill to #6 instead of the more obvious direct route closer to the line. I lost control going into #6 due to a bad compass bearing, I'm guessing 1-2 minutes lost here.

OK to the common #7 and very good control into the (long fork!) #8, I passed lots of people who were making mistakes on the hill before my control.

I was alone on the ridge going out to #10, here I realized that the control would be located on the left side of the ridge so I started to bear left far too soon, then after I had recovered in the marsh and entered the control from the north I missed seeing the boulder on my first attempt and lost an additional minute.

Up towards #11 in the light green a small branch hit me in the my right eye, the one where I use a +3.25 contact lens to be able to read the map. Afterwards I was unable to see the map clearly so my orienteering suffered.

I still hit #12 (lucky!) and #13 OK.

On the last long leg to #14 I probably took a bad route, the initial path was steep, slippery wet and muddy. It would have been much better to either take the road or (when I had already climbed up the path) cut up to the right when I had passed the index contour knoll, this would have allowed me to run nearly flat over to the hillside path I entered after the climb up again from the road.

The slash uphill from #15 was pretty bad so I tried to run in the hillside but ended up far too low and had to climb up the stairs alongside the ski jump hill.

90 minutes total was about 10 min more than I had expected, running too slow and making too many mistakes I guess. :-(
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Night Hawk Veteran 3rd leg (12/08/2016) Night Hawk Veteran 3rd leg (12/08/2016)