Svabergsprinten - picking up the controls (24/07/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Asmaløy
Organiser: Terje Wiig Mathisen
Distance: 4.49 km
Time: 38:36
I believe Svabergsprinten is turning into a success story after just two years:

Last year I announced this race just a week ahead of the date and was very happy that I got over 20 starters, including several former and current World Cup/WOC racers.

This year I had put it up on the race calendar more than a month previously and the result was over 50 very happy competitors (including 9 people who saw the poster I had put on a local bulletin board, they walked around as three groups of three people each, none of them had ever tried orienteering previously).

Helen Palmer came back and defended her win from last year while Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen and Thomas Nipen were the fastest guys. Along with Asbjørn Bygland they were the only ones to beat Helen's time.
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Svabergsprinten - picking up the controls (24/07/2016) Svabergsprinten - picking up the controls (24/07/2016)