Skjærgårdscup 2 (02/08/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Røsholmen
Organiser: Svein S Jacobsen
Distance: 4.02 km
Time: 31:12
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 176
Pretty good for the first 10 minutes, then it became noticable that I haven't done any races in a while:

1: A bit of a wobble into the control but no hesitation, shared split win with Egil, the eventual winner.

2: Good flow, 4 seconds ahead of Tore.

3: Good speed all the way, another split win.

4-5: The punching unit on #4 failed during the race so the split time is to #5. I won this pair of controls by over half a minute and was almost a minute ahead of Tore at this point.

6: Second best split after Morten Berglia's son Severin.

7: Egil & Tore were both 10 sec ahead of me here, they must have found a better line through the bracken and blueberry bushes.

8-9: No punching unit on #8, Tore beat me by 20 sec to #9. Maybe he found a better route into the last knoll?

10: Really bad direction out of #9 but I was still leading by over a minute.

11: Bad route, changed my mind several times and executed it even worse. I lost well over a minute here!

12: Another bad route, at this control Egil lead for the first time.

13: I recovered partially here, found a good route and executed it well. At this point I had recovered a half minute lead but I was so tired that I messed up badly leaving the control:

14: I had just glanced at the map while refolding it, then decided that the next control was the last one, #15, so I ran there as fast as possible and ran up the hill to punch at the finish (using just 35 sec up the hillside!). Shortly after Tore (who I had passed on #13) finished then asked me if I had been to all the controls? I said "Yes, Of Course!", then I realized that I had skipped #14.

He suggested I could run back out and grab # 14 and #15 (again), which I did in order to actually finish the race. It was just fair that my second and final time ended up two seconds behind Tore. :-)
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Skjærgårdscup 2 (02/08/2016) Skjærgårdscup 2 (02/08/2016)