WOC Test Middle D21 course (15/07/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Tjärndalen
Organiser: NOF/FSK
Distance: 5.65 km
Time: 52:10
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 172
OK start, then it all fell apart on #5 where I managed to lose 5 min. :-(

I tried to restart my run at that point, found a good line to #6 and a mostly OK route to #7 except that I should have climbed out of the green as soon as possible. At this point I pretty much stopped trying whenever I hit some of the denser stuff.

OK to 8-9-10 but then I mentally gave up towards #11 where I ended up on a horrible route through a lot of very dense green instead of just going straight.

OK to #12.

My route to #13 was probably optimal except for turning away 10-15 m before the flag.

Very good flow to the last controls.
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WOC Test Middle D21 course (15/07/2016) WOC Test Middle D21 course (15/07/2016)