Run through the D21 sprint selection race (14/07/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Værste
Organiser: Fredrikstad
Distance: 3.27 km
Time: 17:19
Average HR: 123
Maximum HR: 175
I ran through the D21 course after the race had ended, did not try to push hard which probably explains why I found (most of?) the best routes.
After a check of the GPS tracking:
#3 was correct, going left was significantly slower.

#5 was possibly wrong, it was 5-10 sec faster to go left over the top, but then you lost the advantage of having passed close to 6 & 7 on the way to 5.

#9 was shorter the way I did but more corners.

#11 was very close to equal between my route over the top and going right & flat around the hill/building.

#13 was also close to identical, going straight through #12 and left around the building gave more time to study the remaining controls.

#14 was probably correct: The distance is slightly less and the uphill part is on pavement instead of steep grass.

#19 was the last route choice, here it seems like the runners who still had some leg strength for the climb won a few seconds going over the hill, but the difference was less than 5 sec, which isn't much more than what you lose in a 180 degree turn at the control vs being able to run full speed past it.
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Run through the D21 sprint selection race (14/07/2016) Run through the D21 sprint selection race (14/07/2016)