Fjelløpet Rauland H55 (02/07/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Silkedalen
Organiser: Porsgrunn
Distance: 8.11 km
Time: 58:52
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 168
A nice mountain trip that would have been even nicer with less rain and somewhat drier terrain and marshes. :-)

I believe I found close to optimal routes to all controls:

1: The key here for me was to stay close to the line while minimizing climb, and try to distribute the unavoidable climb as well as possible so I wouldn't burn out immediately. As the color of my track log shows I did have to walk up most of the steepest parts.

EDIT: I was told after the race that Harald H who beat me by a minute to the first control took the left-hand route via the path, on the rest of the course we were close to identical in speed so this is a strong suggestion his route was in fact better than mine here.

2: Two obvious options here, I believe they are about equal but my choice was safer and easier to execute. On this split I was 25 sec behind Bjørn G who came second in my class today.

3: Very easy!

4: OK

5: Two main options here besides the one I took, i.e. go further right and avoid all climb, or go left and over the saddle, dropping down to the control alongside the slalom hill. The final hillside was quite nice so I believe I found the best route.

6 & Finish: Pure running.

I won my class but was beaten by Harald Hovi who ran the same course in H60!
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Fjelløpet Rauland H55 (02/07/2016) Fjelløpet Rauland H55 (02/07/2016)