Veritas sommerløp (29/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Alunsjøen / Vesletjern
Distance: 4.51 km
Time: 36:57
I lead this race from start to finish, but very nearly blew it on the last control.

1: I could possibly have crossed the marsh a little bit further south in order to get more path running, but I think my route was OK.

2:Optimal route, another split win.

3: Probably optimal since it allowed me to do all the uphill on paths where I could run, at this point I was already in the lead by more than a minute.

4: Lost a few seconds to the fastest runners here, it was effectively zero orienteering.

5: This was the third time I have had the same control in 2016, and for the third time I ended up slightly too far north: I still don't agree with the contour drawing on the spur in front of the control.

6: Perfect up to the boulder 60 m before the control but then I lost a few seconds by dropping too low.

7: My old legs can't run downhill as fast as I used to, I should probably have gone either north of the line or even further south directly down to the road.I lost 18 sec to the best split here.

8: Same as on #7, but here I lost 28 seconds on a pure downhill run.

9: More orienteering and another split win, I was half a minute faster than the rest here.

10: I stopped orienteering when I got up on the final plateau, expecting the control to just turn up in front of me. :-(

I missed exactly one minute, but it would have been even faster to go wide left around all the green stuff and avoiding most of the climb, Henrik R who came second today beat me by 1:58 on this leg!
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Veritas sommerløp (29/06/2016) Veritas sommerløp (29/06/2016)