Kjentmannspost 40 og gruver (28/06/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Hakkim
Organiser: Martin Veastad
Distance: 9.88 km
Time: 220:44
Another group hike to a "Kjentmannspost", this one is located just on the border between Nittedal and Nannestad. We started by hiking NE to Gruvelia, an area with a few of the nearly 200 mines that were started in this area 100+ years ago.

Next we visited another mine and took a break there before going up to the top of the hill to where the control and the Trippperud Inn cabin is located.

On the return trip we started by following a small path made by dogsled racers, then we got into areas with very recent logging activity where the path had been totally destroyed by big machines. :-(
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Kjentmannspost 40 og gruver (28/06/2016) Kjentmannspost 40 og gruver (28/06/2016)