O-Festivalen Mellom H55 (26/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fjelletjernet
Organiser: Sarpsborg
Distance: 3.81 km
Time: 27:42
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 178
Less speed than yesterday, more mistakes:

1: Easy start, OK

2: Ended up too far east, lost 5-10 sec.

3: OK, good flow, just one second behind Sören who won this split.

4: Really bad! I started going straight, then changed my mind and bailed back to the path, but when I then left the path I never managed to correct my course and then I passed the indistinct path wthout seeing it. I lost a full minute here. :-(

5 & 6: OK

7: It would have been ~10 seconds faster to stay on the line, right of the yellow knoll.

8: OK, good flow, but still 10 sec behind Nils who won clearly today.

9-10-11: OK

12: I had good control when I passed the distinct reeentrant with the narrow marsh, but then I misread the map and dropped all the way down and had to climb back up when I realized what I had done. Lost 20 sec here.

13: Got stuck in the dense green getting down from the control, lost another 10+ sec to the winner.
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O-Festivalen Mellom H55 (26/06/2016) O-Festivalen Mellom H55 (26/06/2016)