OBIK P14 (21/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Krigsskolen Linderud
Organiser: Thales
Distance: 4.79 km
Time: 37:03
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 171
Amazingly good considering that I landed in Oslo this morning after about 24 hours of travelling from Tokyo via Bangkok, all on Economy class.

Jogging to the start was just awful and I never managed to run really fast on any of the legs but I managed to kep my concentration all the way, doing pretty optimal route choices and no significant mistakes.

1: The strange track midway was because I followed an unmapped path which was gradual enough to allow me to run all the way.

2: OK, I executed the route I intended but at the very end I got stuck between som windfall in the marsh and lost 13 sec to the best split time. Except for the finish run-in this was the only split I didn't win.

3: Close to perfect, I was almost a minute faster than the rest here.

4: Lost a few seconds inside the circle when I failed to spot the flag behind a spruce but since this control site was the same as was used in a previous race knew I was in the right area. :-)

5: Good flow.

6: Took the path to avoid the block field and the green.

7: Good route well executed.

8: Lost a few seconds because the cliff extends around on the east side and that's where the flag was located.

9: Took the best route here, making the orienteering almost trivial

10: OK

11: OK

12: OK

Finish: I had to jump down not just the cliff shown but two more steps, it would have been faster to take the path down and around.
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OBIK P14 (21/06/2016) OBIK P14 (21/06/2016)