Path survey on Kirkeøy (12/06/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Botne Gartneri
Distance: 3.99 km
Time: 67:57
After about 5 years of weekend surveying Tone & I are running out of unmapped areas in Hvaler but we managed to find a couple of nice hiking trails east of the golf course(the open yellow areas in the SW corner of the map).

The terrain in the south was simply wonderful! As you can see from the 1 m contours there are a lot of intricate details, and the open slabs are surrounded by enough vegetation as to make the orienteering interesting. I believe a regular orienteering map that covers the entire area around the golf course would support a very nice event.

Joining these hills together with the terrain around the community center in Skjærhalden and you would have the makings of a Blodslitet 10-15 km final loop. :-)
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Path survey on Kirkeøy (12/06/2016) Path survey on Kirkeøy (12/06/2016)