OBIK P11 (09/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ulsrudvann/Østmarksetra
Organiser: Folkehelseinstituttet
Distance: 4.87 km
Time: 38:22
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 167
Horrible feeling today, I was very tired even before starting but any orienteering is better than no orientering, right?

#1 was probably OK, but if you could find a good route to the south of the final ridge that might have been even faster.

#2: I should have been a bit further south here, avoiding the long intermediate knolls.

#3: OK, good flow all the way, just a few walking steps up the steepest part of the hillside.

#4: Very good!

#5: OK except for not finding an optimal route into the control area, I ran around the green, probably too far around.

#6: Very good

#7: Good, but I had problems keeping the speed up past the smaller steep parts.

#8: The first real mistake: I ran too far north and ended up on top of a big cliff and had to run around it. I probably lost 20-30 sec here.

#9: OK, but a little bit of hesitation, missing the proper flow.

#10: OK

#11: A slow leg, I had to be very careful climbing down between the cliffs.

#12: An easy control, so here I really tried to push the speed, with the result that I didn't read the map properly and ran just past the control. It took me 50 sec before I realized this and got back to the flag.

#13: OK, but I got stuck in some dense vegetation and rock formations getting down to the paths.

I won my H55 class but with less of a margin than the previous race on Tuesday. My good friend Einar J won H60 running the same course, he was just a minute behind me and from the split times it seems he made a more consistent race than me, with just a single noticeable error.
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OBIK P11 (09/06/2016) OBIK P11 (09/06/2016)