OBIK P10 / AB 3 (07/06/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Solli
Organiser: Asker
Distance: 5.1 km
Time: 43:03
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 168
Nice course and good orienteering, but 10:29 min/km is of course far too much.

I did win my class by more than 10 min, and the course by 4 min, so I guess I should be satisfied anyway. :-)

Good flow to the first couple of controls, probably optimal routes and good execution.

To #3 everything went perfect until the very end when I failed to spot the flag and ran past the knoll and had to turn back, probably 20-30 sec lost here.

#4 was good, to #5 I could have saved some time by dropping down the final hill into the big marsh, this was because the cliff is falsely indicated as being quite a bit higher than the marsh, in reality it was just a couple of meters.

#6 was simply horrible, with smaller unmapped cliffs everywhere in between the larger ones.

OK to #7.

I lost another half a minute to #8, a parallel mistake when passing the cliff in the long reentrant where I believed I was 50 m further south.

The very long run-in (6 min 13 seconds from the last control!) had another possible route choice down and to the left but I believe that would have been even tougher!
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OBIK P10 / AB 3 (07/06/2016) OBIK P10 / AB 3 (07/06/2016)