Kjentmannspost 31 og 28 (02/06/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sørkedalen-Fyllingen-Kveldros
Distance: 32.01 km
Time: 253:14
25-29 C - Summer in Oslo!

This was a combined MTB/foot hike to visit a pair of "Kjentmannsposter", we started from Elveli parking near Sørkedalen Skole and rode our bikes up past Finnerud, over Glåmene and down to the Fyllingen lakes where we parked the bikes near Fyllingen farm.

The hike down to the marker is shown in much more detail on the inset orienteering map.

After returning to our bikes we rode back to the bridge between the two lakes and half a km further south to where Bente knew about a perfect place for a rest, on the east side of the west Fyllingen lake. Most of us used this opportunity for a nice swim in the lake, for me it was the first of the year.

Back on our bikes we rode further north to the start of the path down to Langlia, there we started on the second hike of the evening to marker nr 28. As the inset detail map (with 1 m contours) show we found a pretty optimal path to the marker.

On the way back down we made a small detour via the highest part of the knoll, where we could see the beginning of a trail which must have been made by people hiking up to the control from the SE side.

Total biking time was about 1:45, the food/swim stop took 35+ minutes and the remainder of the total time was used for the hikes to the markers and some short rest breaks.
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Kjentmannspost 31 og 28 (02/06/2016) Kjentmannspost 31 og 28 (02/06/2016)