OBIK P8 (31/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Marikollen
Organiser: Østmarka
Distance: 4.81 km
Time: 46:24
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 169
Almost 12 min/km for a good race, the course planning was obviously designed to include as much climb as possible. :-)

I counted 66 contours (330 meters) along optimal routes, this is about 9% or more than twice the 4% suggested maximum climb for a WOC Long distance course!

1: OK.

2: OK but very tough. My wife suggested afterwards that I could have taken the road all the way around to the right, but that would still have given 55 m of climb from the road to the control.

3: OK, good flow.

4: OK

5: OK

6: Here I ran exactly as I had planned, avoiding the dark green, but about midway I thought I was underneath the big cliff on the map when I passed an unmapped cliff about 60 m before the path. When I spotted a huge boulder to the left I knew I was in the right spot but the control was still somewhat scary due to bad visibility in the hillside.

7: OK until the very end when I climbed up a bit too high in order to make sure I didn't pass underneath the control, I lost 40 seconds here.

8: The plan was to run down to the ride and then evaluate the white forest further down vs taking the ride around left. I decided to go straight but then I spotted a large opening below me: It turned out that the slalom hill is currently being extended, so the last 45% of this leg was all completely open! BTW, this is the hill where Henrik Kristoffersen, the current Slalom World Cup winner grew up and did most of his training so I guess they got some more funding now. :-)

Finiding the finish was by far the most difficult part of this course, seeing that I lost about 1:45 here: Due to the construction they had been forced to move the finish punch halfway up the hilll, to a spot which I just ran past since I knew from the map that it was supposed to be down at the bottom. The people who started later than me were told about this when they registered.

BTW, today was the first real summer day in Oslo, we went from 10-15 degrees in the previous weeks to somewhere in the 25-30 range during the race.
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OBIK P8 (31/05/2016) OBIK P8 (31/05/2016)