OBIK P7 NK 2 (26/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sognsvann Øst
Organiser: Koll
Distance: 4.74 km
Time: 35:47
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 179
Why did they have to destroy this forest?!?

I had always assumed that this area just north of the holy "Markagrensen" (the boundary between developed areas and the forests around Oslo) would forever be allowed to stay nice and unlogged, but that was not to be. :-( All the open green stripes on this map was added for this race, it varies from some slash to meter-deep heaps of cut trees criss-crossing each other where the stripe pattern should have been dense/dark green.

1: Good start, over 20 s faster than anyone else on this course.

2: Good flow until the very end where a largish semi-permanent camp site with tents and tarps hid the control and obliterated the path pattern, I lost a minute here. The old map had significantly better contour details than this one which wasn't really surveyed properly, it was developed in a big hurry when most of the sprint courses for O-Festivalen had to be moved into this area a year ago.

3: Same contour/detail problem here, the old map shows two cliffs with obvious reentrants in fromt of them, i.e. the cliffs were the remains of small quarries. I stopped in the first of these and lost nearly half a minute.

4: OK, except that the flag might have been located a bit too far south, i.e. I've adjusted my track to show that I made a 15-20 m swing north before punching even though I thought I had full control via the contours going into the ring.

5: OK, even though making a left bend around the hill might have been equally fast and less climb.

6: Back to the central control.

7: I fooled myself following an unmapped track into the wrong saddle at the end but recovered without stopping/hesitating.

8: This is where the bad stuff started: The open green stripes were really bad here, it would have been faster to go south on the big track after climbing the initial hill, then take the paths (which turned out to be at least better than the surrounding slash).

9: Should definitely have gone around to the left here and crossed in over the green marsh.

10: Good!

11: Good flow, high speed.

12-13-14-Finish: Ditto.

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OBIK P7 NK 2 (26/05/2016) OBIK P7 NK 2 (26/05/2016)