Pinseløp søndag H55 (15/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kunstbekken
Organiser: Kongsberg
Distance: 6.05 km
Time: 43:11
One small route choice mistake, otherwise perfect:

1: Full speed all the way into the control even though my attack point was relatively indistinct, best split time here.

2: The area between the track and yellow field was completely overgrown, this probably happened during the 8 years since the map was new, and this year the map update missed the change. Here I shared the best split with both Lars Fremstad who won today and Arne Johannesen who came second.

3: Good route but with the heather & blueberry bushes I might have saved a few seconds by taking the indistinct path alongside the initial spur.

4: Very good flow here, another split time win and my largest lead in the race.

5: This is where I hit the wall, I had to walk large parts of the climb up this hill and realized that I probably wouldn't be fast enough today to win. I still lead the race but now my lead had been reduced to just 16 seconds.

6: This was similar to the longest leg yesterday, but today I messed up passing through a green area midway and when I recovered I realized that I was close to the out-of-bounds area and had to run through the saddle point. This meant one or two extra contours of climb and my worst split of the weekend. I lost 51 seconds to Arne here, half of this might be due to the route error, the rest was due to having to walk up all the steeper hillsides.

7: Nice, another clear split win.

8: By this time I had recovered sufficiently to decide that the fastest & safest option would be to run straight over the big hill after the road crossing, as long as I managed to run all the way. Another shared split win.

9: OK

10: I planned to go straight but when I hit an area with some slash I bailed out to the big track. I lost 21 seconds to Lars who really turned up the speed at the end, winning the last 4 splits and passing Arne at the very end.

11: Same last control as yesterday so I just ran where the vegetation and ground cover seemed to be nice.

I ended up in 3rd place, 42 seconds behind Lars which means that I would have needed an absolutely perfect race to have had a chance to win.
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Lars Fremstad : Mange jevne strekktider. Til 1 post tok jeg ut i terrenget når jeg så steinen på høyre side. Til post 2 løp jeg helt rundt til høyre, dvs lysløype frem til bekken som jeg fulgte inn i posten. Til 5 fulgte jeg bekken mellom drikkepostene oppover, safet litt der. Til 8 var jeg i tvil, men etter å ha tråkket over nedover i lien ble det til at jeg fulgte veien rundt helt til der stien tar inn vei steinen. Ut av 8 posten krysset jeg bekken og fulgte streken i starten. Til 10 bestemte jeg meg for å løpe i terrenget bortover og kom først ut på veien rett før lysløypen krysser. Følte meg litt sprekere enn i går og fokuserte på mye kartlesing og mye sjekk av kompasset.
Lars Fremstad : Til 6 post lå jeg omtrent helt på streken hele veien
Knut Anders Løken: Ikke et vondt ord om rastafarin fra Larvik - men røk ikke de 42 sekundene på avvikeren mot 6?
Terje Mathisen : @KAL: Som jeg skrev så estimerte jeg at det tok ca 25 sek ekstra å løpe opp gjennom sadelen og at jeg tapte omtrent det samme på mye gangfart opp bakkene.
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Pinseløp søndag H55 (15/05/2016) Pinseløp søndag H55 (15/05/2016)