OBIK P4 (12/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Isdammen Årvollåsen
Organiser: Norges Bank
Distance: 4.85 km
Time: 37:54
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 174
OK race, not too many mistakes and decent (not great) running shape:

1: Easy start, good flow.

2: I aimed for the saddle point but ended up slightly too far south. It might have been better to aim much closer to #7 to get a more gradual climb which I might have been able to run up.

(Edit after seeing the official results: Karl Aasmund Erøy beat me by 43 s on this split! I'm pretty sure this means that he took the long but almost flat route along the paths to the north, but his execution must have been close to perfect!)

3: Very easy when I used the indistinct paths since they turned out to be quite good. I regained a clear lead here and increased it to 6:10 over the following controls.

4: Very good.

5: Very good all the way until the end where I had misread the control description and looked for a flag at the top of the knoll. This meant that I didn't see the the control when I passed it by a couple of meters. I think I lost close to half a minute here, but I still won the leg by 27 s.

6: I made a wide right bend in order to do most of the climb on paths instead of the heather.

7: Good flow, very easy following the contours south.

8: OK except for stopping 10 m due east of the control before I spotted it after a few seconds.

9: A horrible control with about 50 m of ascent along the best route, which I think I found. I used the cliffs before the final path and the boulder just past it as my attack points and I it perfectly in the middle of the dense green (spruce trees).

10: Back up again...

11: I could probably have gone a bit more straight here, but by going directly for the eastmost paths the control was very easy. I did hesitate a bit midways when I first hit that path due to a number of unmapped structures in addition to the big lavvo (shaped like a teepee) shown with a black circle.

12: The only/main problem here was the fact that so close to habitation there were paths more or less everywhere so it was somewhat hard to make sure I ran along my planned route. I used the boulder due south of the control as my attack point.

13: Here I had the same type of difficulty as to #12, i.e. paths more or less everywhere. :-)
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OBIK P4 (12/05/2016) OBIK P4 (12/05/2016)