Kjentmannspost 48 & 49 - World Orienteering Day (11/05/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Bysetermåsan - Fjell - Enebakk
Organiser: Gunnar & co
Distance: 10.35 km
Time: 194:35
17 people showed up for what turned out to be one of the nicest hikes we've ever taken in the hills and forests around Oslo. At the same time this was our way to celebrate World Orienteering Day with most of the hike taking place on a very good 1:10K orienteering map:

About 11 km and 3h 25m total, of which 9m were spent ferrying everyone over the sound in lake Svartoren, 5 minutes to document the first checkpoint, control nr 48, then we had a fantastic view from the top of Tømmeråsen while eating and drinking the supplies we had carried.

From the top we spotted what looked like a forest fire starting, about 7-10 km west of us, so we called it in to the fire department but while we spoke to them it fortunately seemed like the fire either burned out by itself or was suppressed, probably by the same people who had started it.

We rested for 45m before finding a very nice route further south towards the second checkpoint (#49) which we spent 8m documenting.

The final hike back to the car park was about 2 km, mostly on a paved road. Some of us took an initial shortcut (as shown on my track log) and crossed the river on top of a couple of windfalls, but most took the same route back as we had used to get to the point.

Finally I must state that I fell in love with the terrain & vegetation cover: This area is far enough from any logging road that it is still in pristine condition, with very nice (low) heather and moss as the prevailing ground cover and as the map shows, really intricate contour details. I'm hoping I can host an orienteering event here some time this year!
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Jon Petter: Bra skrevet, Terje. Enig i din beskrivelse av terrenget. Takk for turen !
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Kjentmannspost 48 & 49 - World Orienteering Day (11/05/2016) Kjentmannspost 48 & 49 - World Orienteering Day (11/05/2016)