OBIK P3 / AB1 (10/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Jordbærhaugen
Organiser: Tyrving
Distance: 3.08 km
Time: 27:32
Possibly the least runnable map in the entire Oslo area, but this time the course planner managed to create quite interesting orienteering, with close to zero path running. :-)

1: I thought I passed the big yellow knoll when in reality I just brushed past the first open area, this lead me into the wrong reentrant but since I realized it at once I probably didn't lose more than about 10-15 seconds, enough so that Torgeir Strandhagen on the same course in H60 beat me by 2 sec on this split time.

2: The middle and dark green on this map is really dense but I managed to find a reasonable route through the bad stuff.

3: Good flow, I simplified the control by running along the contours, over the green marshland, then up and over the open knoll.

4: Dangerous control, I checked my direction very carefully which was smart since the detail (a boulder) was partly hidden by some windfall.

5: OK

6: Very nice.

7: Good flow here.

8: My worst split due to initial direction problems in the dense green, then the white knoll above the control turned out to be covered by dense vegetation. In the end I overran the control without seeing it and had to turn back when I spotted the open yellow area.

I probably lost abut 30 sec here.

9: The final control was very hard to see, I stopped at the correct distance before spotting it about 20m to my right.

10 min/km on a race with very few mistakes show that this is a tough area!
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OBIK P3 / AB1 (10/05/2016) OBIK P3 / AB1 (10/05/2016)