Stoltzekleiven (01/05/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Bergen
Distance: 6.74 km
Time: 104:44
After spending 3-4 days helping our son move into his first own apartment in Nyhavn in the old part of Bergen we had time for a nice hike up the famous Stoltzekleiven!

Over the last 4-5 years expert rock path builders from Nepal have worked summers here, completely reconstructing this old path, turning it into an amazing rock staircase, so that now it has become an even nicer way to get up above the city.

This also means that nobody will ever be able to beat the record Jon Tvedt established on his first attempt in 1995, when he ran the original path up the extremely steep hill in 8:13.

With the new rock staircase Thorbjørn Ludvigsen finally managed 8:06 in 2013 and improved that to 7:58 last fall.
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Stoltzekleiven (01/05/2016) Stoltzekleiven (01/05/2016)