FSK Åpent Klubbmesterskap (05/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rekustad barneskole
Distance: 5.24 km
Time: 37:19
Average HR: 158
Maximum HR: 169
Where are the control flags?

Today I missed several controls simply by not seeing the flag when I was in the correct spot!

#1: Should have left the path shortly after the start triangle and gone straight for the hill on the other side of the road, the way I ran I had to climb up a small cliff and probably lost 10-20s.

#2: OK, good flow

#3: OK, but the boulder is probably located a bit further SW than shown on the map, it was well past the saddle-point where the map indicates that it should be. No time loss though.

#4: The first difficult leg: I ran a very nice direction until the big green marsh where I intentionally turned a little left/north so that I would know that the control was to my right when I hit the hillside, but by the time I got there I couldn't make the area fit the map and searched north first, then I went south and passed the flag without seeing it, before I finally turned back north and punched with a 90 s time loss.

#5: Very good.

#6: My track looks good, but in reality I misread the map and started searching for the control cliff way too early, losing 20-30 s in hesitation.

#7: OK

#8: Perfect execution, running over the nicest slab areas, then checking the boulder + rock pit combination as my attack point before I ran right past the control, never spotting it. Lost 35s here.

#9 & 10: OK

#11: I wanted to avoid the green stripes which had been quite bad on 3-4 so I ran a left curve and tried to find the spot with the least amount of vegetation & slash when leaving the path, but I still got stuck in a few spots where my track turns red.

#12: Yet another perfect route to a control which I didn't see, here I lost 40s on a 24s split time!

#13: OK, except I once again failed to see the flag as I passed it. 10s.

#14: OK

#15: Dropped too far down when leaving the open slabs, so I had to climb up at the end. Another 10s?

#16: Here I aimed for the spot with the thinnest green passage, since I didn't quite hit it it would have been faster to go direct through the green stripes.

Total time loss was 3+ minutes, of which more than 2 min was due to flags I didn't see the first time I went past them. :-(
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FSK Åpent Klubbmesterskap (05/05/2016) FSK Åpent Klubbmesterskap (05/05/2016)