Oslo City Cup Finale (03/05/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Rikshospitalet
Organiser: Heming
Distance: 3.27 km
Time: 19:02
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 180
I had the interesting experience of starting first of all today, along with the leaders in about 8-10 different classes divided over the three courses, this meant that I saw a lot of people running faster than me during the first few controls, and most of them were going to different controls.

#1: The green-dotted area went a bit further north than shown on the map so I couldn't cross over as planned, but it would probably have been a few seconds faster to go left after the central N-S building and round the final building to the left.

2 & 3 were transport

I left #3 due north due to an unmapped path that lead out of the reentrant, this was probably the fastest route to #4.

Going right to #5 resulted in an additional 2-3 meters of climb so taking the road would have been equally fast.

OK to 6-11

#12 was the big error today, I misread the vegetation boundaries and started searching for the depression too far south, lost 20 s.

OK to the final five controls
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Oslo City Cup Finale (03/05/2016) Oslo City Cup Finale (03/05/2016)