Oslo City Cup #4 Grorud (26/04/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ammerud
Organiser: Lillomarka
Distance: 4.29 km
Time: 21:39
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 169
Both my knee and ankle have complained since Sunday, so the race today was somewhat painful and not too speedy:

Probably OK to the first 3 controls, it is possible that going right to #4, almost via #11, would have been faster due to less climb and no forest running.

To #6 I never saw the right/south alternative, to me it looks like it would have been about 10 sec faster even if it had more sharp corners.

#7 had at least three alternatives, the middle (S-curve) might have been the best?

Faster going right to #8 as well?

The route to #12 was given by the construction closure on the direct path.

With regular EMIT punching I would have had to stop completely on #13, and at that point it would have been faster to turn back and go right, but with the touch-free EmiTag punching there was no need to stop.

#15 was interesting, I was almost sure that there had to be an opening underneath the parking lot and over the subway train line but I couldn't see such an opening shown on the map so I took the safe option underneath the train instead even though that meant a lot more climb.

The final interesting route was 17-18 where it was possible to go via the finish area, but that option would have meant a lot more climb so I went left.

I ran about 2 min slower than last week and my average heart rate was just 156 so my running speed was quite bad.
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Oslo City Cup #4 Grorud (26/04/2016) Oslo City Cup #4 Grorud (26/04/2016)