Norwegian Spring H55 (24/04/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skårefjell
Organiser: Halden/Sarpsborg
Distance: 6.67 km
Time: 45:34
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 172
Another good race, I'm just not fit enough to run a 6km race at the same speed as I did a 3.3 km yesterday, but I managed very good orienteering anyway and ended up in third place, one minute behind Nils H:

Perfect to #1, towards #2 both the white and the light green was denser than expected, I intended to go a little bit straighter from the path junction.

(Later edit: Knut AL asked me about my route choice to #2, it turns out that while racing on the 1:10K map I never noticed the small path that leads almost to the control on the north side of the hill! Since I lost over a minute to Nils on this one control, you could say that the race was lost here.)

To #3 I could have hit closer to the path bend, but that was mostly due to running where there was a small deer trail.

OK to #4.

Uphill to #5 was tough. I tried to push as hard as I could but expected to lose significantly to the faster runners: Instead this turned out to be my first split time win today! :-)

I really wanted to find a straight on option for #7 but decided that the road+path had to be both faster and easier.

OK to #8

Another tough uphill slog to #9, the light green was _very_ dense, reducing running speed to less than half the normal so it should have been middle or dark green instead. However, since there was no feasible route around the green this was effectively the same handicap for all runners.

Easy #10, just contour above the green.

#11 was just a matter of direction running and hitting the green from the path.

Good flow to #12 gave me my second split time win.

The final climb into the finish area was pretty bad! :-(
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Norwegian Spring H55 (24/04/2016) Norwegian Spring H55 (24/04/2016)