Oslo City Cup #3 (19/04/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Haraløkka
Organiser: Oppsal
Distance: 3.42 km
Time: 19:21
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 172
Mostly OK orienteering:

1-2-3: Good.

4: I had studied this on my way to the previous control and thought that the left-hand alternative looked like it would have some speedbumps in the end due to fences and corners so I took the right-hand route. This was probably 5 sec slower, partly due to me messing up the fences around the two last apartment buildings, I should have made a slightly wider turn along the pavement.

5: This was the trap on the course, mostly due to a misleading control description: It just stated "SW corner of building", with no indication of where it would be in relation to the fence!

If I had been certain it was located on the east side I could have gone left around the big out-of-bounds area, but it was probably nearly as fast the way I did it.

The control description should probably have been "Inside NW corner of building and fence".

6: Here it was a few meters longer to take the left-hand side of the building but no sharp corner and pavement instead of grass. With touch-free punching it would have been better to take the other side to be able to run through the control!

7: Someone with better road-running speed than me might have taken the big left pavement route here but I'm sure the forest route was better for me.

8: Some hesitation before crossing the main road while I studied the map very carefully to make sure that I didn't have to go around the final building.

9: Going left might have been equally fast but this way I already knew the route back to #10.

10-11: OK

12: I'm still not totally sure but I believe I found the optimal route here

13: Just running...
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Oslo City Cup #3 (19/04/2016) Oslo City Cup #3 (19/04/2016)