Tur til Kjentmannspost #37 (18/04/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Gjelleråsen
Organiser: Martin Veastad
Distance: 5.9 km
Time: 128:56
20 friends met up at 18:00 at Stovner for a trip to the marker ("Kjentmannspost") at the top of Gjelleråsen. After visiting the point (with spot-on orienteering all the way) Martin took us down to visit the old military fortifications which stopped the Swedish king from an attempt to conquer Norway in 1716.

After being rebuffed here, the king took his army up to Hakadal where they planned (in French for secrecy!) how they would march all around Nordmarka and attack from the west instead. Fortunately for Norway a french-speaking Norwegian officer overheard this, allowing them to send a skier straight across Nordmarka to Gjellebekk Skanse in Asker, where they got enough time to prepare so that they could stop the Swedes for good.

The ski trip made by that lone grenadier is commemorated with a 90 km ski race ("Grenaderen") every winter, along more or less the same route.
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Tur til Kjentmannspost #37 (18/04/2016) Tur til Kjentmannspost #37 (18/04/2016)