Lørdagskjappen (16/04/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lødengtjern
Organiser: Moss OK
Distance: 4.49 km
Time: 35:19
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 176
Mostly OK, my running speed is staying too slow:

The first control looked to be very simple, just pass the power line by 20-25 m then follow the reentrant uphill into the control saddle, but I got stuckunderneath the cliffs and ended up to far north and had to turn back, lost 30 sec here.

OK to #2

Bad speed to #3, I lost a minute to all the people in front of me on this split time without stopping anywhere or any control mistake. The most obvious error was at the end when I had climbed up about the pond and then dropped down again instead of just continuing almost flat to the control, this might have cost me 20+ seconds, so the rest of the time loss is pure running speed.

OK to 4-8, then I lost a few seconds hesitating into #9 which turned out to be almost as high up as the knoll before it, even though that knoll had both an index and a flow line contour.

#10 was where I had a bit of luck, I did run (as planned) on the indistinct path for a little bit, but then I didn't manage to match the terrain to the map before I suddenly stopped and realized that I might be over the small cliff due east of the control: I glanced right and did indeed spot the flag just 15 m away.

OK to 11 & 12.

#13 was probably the easiest control of the course, definitely the one with the most pure running, so I made a big effort here trying to keep the speed up since I usually lose a lot of time on such legs: This must have worked, since today this was my only split time win!
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Knut : Hei! En dårlig start med bom til første, tidstap 40s (ikke 30s), litegrann grapsing til andre og svært dårlig trase til tredje post. Trro du taper langt mer enn tjue sekunder her, MÅ løpe høyrebue. Trolig er via stien raskest. Vedder på at ENU som slår deg med 1:46 løper slik. Fra tredje post svært mye bedre, (dvs vanlig TWM-standard), med unntak for en real bom til 10. post. AK som du løper jevnt med ellers i denne delen av løpet slår deg 34s, så tidstapet er trolig 30s. Tipper totalt tidstap på de tre strekkene (1-3 og 10) er minst 2:10 min, dvs at du kunne løpt jevnt med 2-3-4 på resultatlista med en god teknisk gjennomføring. ;)
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Lørdagskjappen (16/04/2016) Lørdagskjappen (16/04/2016)