Lørdagskjappen (16/04/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lødengtjern
Organiser: Moss OK
Distance: 4.49 km
Time: 35:19
Average HR: 165
Maximum HR: 176
Mostly OK, my running speed is staying too slow:

The first control looked to be very simple, just pass the power line by 20-25 m then follow the reentrant uphill into the control saddle, but I got stuckunderneath the cliffs and ended up to far north and had to turn back, lost 30 sec here.

OK to #2

Bad speed to #3, I lost a minute to all the people in front of me on this split time without stopping anywhere or any control mistake. The most obvious error was at the end when I had climbed up about the pond and then dropped down again instead of just continuing almost flat to the control, this might have cost me 20+ seconds, so the rest of the time loss is pure running speed.

OK to 4-8, then I lost a few seconds hesitating into #9 which turned out to be almost as high up as the knoll before it, even though that knoll had both an index and a flow line contour.

#10 was where I had a bit of luck, I did run (as planned) on the indistinct path for a little bit, but then I didn't manage to match the terrain to the map before I suddenly stopped and realized that I might be over the small cliff due east of the control: I glanced right and did indeed spot the flag just 15 m away.

OK to 11 & 12.

#13 was probably the easiest control of the course, definitely the one with the most pure running, so I made a big effort here trying to keep the speed up since I usually lose a lot of time on such legs: This must have worked, since today this was my only split time win!
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Lørdagskjappen (16/04/2016) Lørdagskjappen (16/04/2016)