Natt KM Åpen A (13/04/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Årungen
Organiser: Ås
Distance: 5.67 km
Time: 52:12
Average HR: 148
Maximum HR: 163
Started early because I needed to pick up my wife at the train station after the race, this didn't make any difference in my result since I still needed my head lamp from the very start.

Started by losing almost 3 min on the first control where I stopped too early (twice!) and went back to check other details.

I really disagree with the map drawing here, the full 5 m contour for the knoll in front of the control is a classic "laser contour" that just happens to touch the top of a small bulge in an essentially flat area, I think it would have been better to either skip it or to draw it with a form line instead.

Those 3 minutes of walking/jogging around in the control area meant that I was completely rested when I started the second leg, so that was my only split time win of the evening. It was also a strong contender for the worst leg of my entire orienteering career in the amount of vegetation and slash I had to fight across.

3-5 were OK

I know that Anders Nordberg ran the same leg to #6 around on the road to the north, but the straight on route had some of the best terrain on this entire map so I think that was the best option for me.

Good flow to #7 but I lost 30-40 seconds when I lost my direction leaving the field and looking for the path.

On #8 I lost at least half a minute at the end when I didn't manage to follow the somewhat indistinct paths and ended up on the wrong side of a really dense patch of vegetation.

The last 10-15 m into the control took me at least 30 sec!

The river alongside #8 was so wide and deep that I spent a bit of time locating a windfall which allowed me to balance across it without getting soaking wet.

On the downhill run out of 11 I snagged my feet _three_ times on branches and slash, but fortunately without hurting myself during the resulting falls.
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Natt KM Åpen A (13/04/2016) Natt KM Åpen A (13/04/2016)