Oslo City Cup #2 (12/04/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vulkan
Organiser: Nydalens SK
Distance: 3.91 km
Time: 21:04
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 174
Not too shabby, mostly OK route choices afaik:

#1: I elected to go left even though there was a lot of (wide) stairs, this early in the race it was easy to run up them and this gave a better entry to the control.

#2: Transport

#3: Ditto: Going left would have been worse, but assuming you followed the covered terrace into the control not too bad. Going all the way down and then having to climb the steep stairs back up would have cost 10+ seconds.

#4 & 5: More pure running.

#6: This one had at least three possible routes, including a left option back through the start triangle which might have been OK, but the one I took was relatively easy to execute and gave some time to study the next leg.

#7: Turned out to be pure transport, no route choice alternatives.

#8: This was the big trap of the course, the stairs I took were shown on the PM so I knew they were legal but 12 m of vertical climb was impossible to show properly on the map!

The main alternatives were to go far south, in which case you got the same 12 m of climb but up along the final road, i.e. faster running but probably too long. Going far north was also possible, and a little bit shorter. The final alternative was to go south, across the river and then cut back north and up the same stairs I took.

#9 & 10 were nice short legs among narrow openings between old wooden buildings.

#11 & 12 were effectively pure transport, and back to #13 the orienteering started when I got close to the area I had already visited on the leg between 9 & 10.

I found the opening after #14 even though the runner in front of me turned back after punching #13. :-)

This was a nice sprint course, enough orienteering to keep it interesting but not too many traps except towards #8.

My final time of 21:05 would have resulted in 64th place (out of 102) in H17, I was 6:13 (!) slower than Tim Robinson who dominated the course.
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Oslo City Cup #2 (12/04/2016) Oslo City Cup #2 (12/04/2016)