Nattsvermeren (08/04/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skogstrand
Organiser: Fredrikstad
Distance: 5.16 km
Time: 39:10
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 178
My max heart rate seems to have dropped during the year of my ankle/foot operation, I ran pretty much flat out for this entire race, leading my class on #1, then I mostly stayed in 2nd or 3rd spot for the rest of the race, except when I lead for a short period after taking a better route towards the last control.

Both Sören and Ivar passed me easily to the punch though and I had no chance at all in the final run-in.
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Nattsvermeren (08/04/2016) Nattsvermeren (08/04/2016)