Oslo City Cup #1 (05/04/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ormsund
Organiser: Bækkelaget
Distance: 3.01 km
Time: 23:10
I forgot to start my Garmin watch until halfway to #14, so my track up to that point was generated by making artificial track points for each of the preceeding controls, then manually adjusting the line between them to show where I ran. During this procedure I discovered that Quickroute will crash if you give it slightly funky GPX files and/or too large files. :-(

I turned out to be all alone in the H Bedrift class for corporate sports clubs but since I ran the same course as the elite men I know that I'm almost 50% slower then them, and my time was comparable to those by my normal H50+ competitors who ran a different course of the same length.

I think I did several route choice mistakes on this race:

OK to 1, 2, 3.

#4 was the first mistake, I should have gone left on the path and between the buildings, that would have been completely flat/downhill.

It is possible that it would have been faster to go around left to #5 as well, but probably less significant.

#7 was probably OK, going right here involves more 90 degree corners and some light green stuff.

On #8 I first looked for the control below the bridge before reading the control sheet and figuring out that I would find up on top.

#10 might have been another mistake, it is nearly flat going right along the shoreline, but since you would still need to climb above the small cliff near the end I probably didn't lose as much time as I estimated shortly after I was committed to the left choice.

To #14 it might have been faster to go SE first and then N between the buildings, but that's mainly due to how bad/rocky the shoreline path turned out to be.
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Oslo City Cup #1 (05/04/2016) Oslo City Cup #1 (05/04/2016)