Gate-O (11/02/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tranby
Organiser: Asker
Distance: 4.92 km
Time: 31:18
Trying to run fast on roads and bike paths for the first time in two months, my shape was even worse than I feared, so I bailed after one loop even though I started out intending to run the long course which had another lap after control 12.

Small mistake to #1, didn't find the path in the snow.

Lost a few seconds to #2, hesitating on the path before going left into the control.

#3 had several route options, I could have gone all the way left immediately, to the path in the valley, or taken routes more to the right, but the time differences were probably small.

#4 had a shorter route to the right but that would have led to a lot more uphill running in the snow.

#5 was probably optimal.

#6 was the most interesting route choice leg, I decided to stay as close to the line as possible.

#7 & 8 were OK, I could have followed the bike path around the building half-way to #8.

Very tough going uphill to #9, this is where I decided to quit after the first lap.

#10 was probably my worst mistake, both left and right would have been better than going through the snow in the white forest.

OK to 11 and 12, but then I lost 20 sec on the finish punch: On my race map the finish was marked closer to where I first stopped, then I had to look around a bit to find it on the side of the building.
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Gate-O (11/02/2016) Gate-O (11/02/2016)