FSK control picking (WOC 2016 training for some...) (06/12/2015)
Category: Training
Map/area: Lommeland
Organiser: Hans Petter Mathisen
Distance: 6.24 km
Time: 68:23
Average HR: 140
Maximum HR: 159
With the major storm Synne making it problematic to go up to Rauland for xc skiing we drove down to Hvaler instead which made it possible for me to attend the second part of FSK's training day near the WOC 2016 terrains: 45+ controls gave me lots of opportunities to practice direction running with a (borrowed) thumb compass.

I stopped too early on the fifth control, misreading the open area, on #8 I ran uphill midway in order to get around lots of loose rock from all the quarrying, and to attack the control via the pond.

Just after nr 17 I ran out onto the open area, waiting for a couple of runners who had ended up too far uphill.

After the cliff on #22 the course climbed back up, I had big problems reading the map here since I had to run without my usual orienteering glasses, just a single old contact lens which didn't allow me to focus closer than 60-70 cm, i.e. with straight arms. :-)
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FSK control picking (WOC 2016 training for some...) (06/12/2015) FSK control picking (WOC 2016 training for some...) (06/12/2015)