Veritas Nattcup (28/10/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tanum
Distance: 6.56 km
Time: 55:55
Average HR: 147
Maximum HR: 169
Some good parts, some not so good and some really bad, some of those caused by badly located flags:

OK to 1 and 2, lead the race here for the first and last time.

Crossed the path to #3 without noticing it, lost a minute.

OK to #4 and very good to #5, then I passed just above #6 without seeing it. Lost 2.5 minutes on this control.

OK to #7, then I ran along the cemetary wall to #8 which was a mistake: Even though I also made a small loop looking for the flag I should not have lost over 2 min here. It was probably faster to run all the way around to the left! I either found a larger unmapped cliff, or the cliff consisted of several parts, with the flag located at the smallest/lowest to the south.

9-15 were all OK, mostly a lot of running.

#16 was definitely placed in the wrong location, on the end of the spur SW of the control circle. I lost almost 5 min here before I stumbled over it coming from NW and the knoll with cliffs at the south end.

#17 was also misplaced, on the north end of the knoll just outside the control circle, but I only noticed this on the next leg when I had to run a long way south on the first path to get to the junction.

The final control was OK almost all the way, then I lost confidence (partly due to having gone so far south on the path, and partly due to all the new smaller paths that have turned up here since the map was made 9 years ago), I should have followed my compass course for another 40-50 m, instead I spent a minute or two searching.I recovered when I came back to #1 and checked the code. :-(
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Veritas Nattcup (28/10/2015) Veritas Nattcup (28/10/2015)