Blodslitet H55 (17/10/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Horgen
Organiser: FSK
Distance: 13.06 km
Time: 96:52
Average HR: 171
Maximum HR: 179
OK to 1 & 2, then I failed to spot #3, the first butterfly control when we passed it by a few meters, lost almost 2 min here which I never managed to recover.

Ran totally alone around on the path to #10, this cost me another 20-25 seconds.

When the queue in front of me started to climb up to #13 on the way to #11 I took my own route and didn't see too many people until I caught up to a group between 14 and 15, then I led them all along the hillside to #18.

I nailed this one and suddenly met the group led by Jörgen M, they had made a big mistake here.

From this control to the finish I dropped down from 13th to my final 26th position without making any more mistakes, this was just a matter of pure running and as the split times show, everyone else was faster than me at this point.

PS. After checking my average hearth rate (171, or about 92% of my 185 max which was measured in a lab 4-5 years ago) I realize that I probably started a bit too hard, then never managed to recover. Instead I was probably deeply in O2 debt all the way to the finish. :-)
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tophat jr : Nice to see the course and your route-choices. Seems to have been some large groups running together, but still some decisive control mistakes, both during the early butterfly forking and southwest on the map. As usually I mostly agree with your route-choices, but still think you could have chosen differently a few places.
S1: Fast and good start as usual
S2: Think you should have cut more straight towards the path junction, and perhaps also gone more straight from that point onwards.
S3: Think you should have tried to run via the small knolls left or right from the line to have a safe attack point.
S4: Would have gone straight or even slightly right here, and approach the control from the saddle point through the small green patch
S5: A bit bad direction here, too, so in total for you a quite disastrous first loop
S6-9: Second loop is perfect, and best split to the tricky seventh control!
S10: Agree with your comment, too defensive here, due to the nice runnability in general and the large path and the flat, nice approach to the control, completely straight is definitely faster.
S11: Looks tricky, perhaps you went up a bit late, split is not that good ....
S12: OK!
S13: Ok. but went in from the field too early, a few seconds lost?
S14: I wonder what the fastest runners did here, I think I would have gone more straight, the climb is actually less than on your route-choice.
S15: Nice!
S16: Nice
S17: Did you see the large stone before the final descent? Should be possible to hit the control more accurately from there!
S18: Very nice. Seems that only Sixten, Tore (who secured first and second spot in the competition here) and you among the top runners orienteered stably, independently and correctly to this control.
S19-Finish. Good orienteeriong, too bad the running shape is not better.
Terje Mathisen : Some comments to Knut's comments:
3: The dot knolls were a big part of the problem, they were so indistinct that I didn't manage to read my location relative to them, and then I ran further south than anyone else, maximizing my time loss here. :-(
4: Here I just ran to catch up to the group in front, then realized that they had gone too far left and cut across, passing several of them.
5: Here also the group leaders went way too far left, I was alone in cutting over to the right but still had to correct a bit at the end. I.e. not optimal but better than the group in front.
7: The group in front of me left the path 40-50 m too soon, I hit the control perfectly, but I lost a few seconds afterwards getting back on the path.
11: The time lost here is due to the map: The middle green should have been dark green all the way from the field. :-(
13: I left the muddy field edge on an unmapped track, then cut over in the typically very runnable light green which is used many places on old spruce forest with very nice bottom and no ground cover. This turned out to be exactly as fast as running along the field and taking the original route.
14: I haven't seen what any of the faster people did, but for me my route was probably the best I could do at this point: Orienteering alone and getting a bit tired meant taking a bit of a mental breather on a safe route.
17: I did use the large boulder but also tried to read the contours, the control was located a bit lower down than I thought it would be so I didn't see the small plateau wit the dot knoll before I stopped and decided that I had to be far enough north.
18: I had planned a few possible courses before the race, this particular leg was one I expected to get: Going down to the river, over the top or staying on the hillside would be decided by how far up the start and target control was located. My route used the vegetation boundaries, the large boulder, the open yellow area above us, then the pair of diagonal cliffs before I aimed down just enough to hit underneath the cliffs and the elongated knoll that would lead me directly to the control.
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Blodslitet H55 (17/10/2015) Blodslitet H55 (17/10/2015)