Blodslitet H55 (17/10/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Horgen
Organiser: FSK
Distance: 13.06 km
Time: 96:52
Average HR: 171
Maximum HR: 179
OK to 1 & 2, then I failed to spot #3, the first butterfly control when we passed it by a few meters, lost almost 2 min here which I never managed to recover.

Ran totally alone around on the path to #10, this cost me another 20-25 seconds.

When the queue in front of me started to climb up to #13 on the way to #11 I took my own route and didn't see too many people until I caught up to a group between 14 and 15, then I led them all along the hillside to #18.

I nailed this one and suddenly met the group led by Jörgen M, they had made a big mistake here.

From this control to the finish I dropped down from 13th to my final 26th position without making any more mistakes, this was just a matter of pure running and as the split times show, everyone else was faster than me at this point.

PS. After checking my average hearth rate (171, or about 92% of my 185 max which was measured in a lab 4-5 years ago) I realize that I probably started a bit too hard, then never managed to recover. Instead I was probably deeply in O2 debt all the way to the finish. :-)
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Blodslitet H55 (17/10/2015) Blodslitet H55 (17/10/2015)